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I have been a quality leader for over 20 years for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and McDonnell Douglas, and smaller reputable manufacturers as well. I have worked in high technology industries such as aerospace, nuclear, commercial and medical device fields. I am actively consulting in these industries. I have a strong Quality Management System’s background utilizing various continuous improvement techniques such as lean, DOE, PCDA, 6S, SPC, 5 Whys down to simple pareto analysis. I am a certified Exemplar Global QMS-A and AA auditor to ISO 9001 and AS9100 respectively as well as have a Masters in Quality Systems. I currently am a service provider for VMEC, State of Vermont, CONNSTEP, Department of Labor MA, CCSU ITBD, QMI SAI Global Registrar as well a direct client base. My goal is to continue to grow my Northeast client base in Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


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